If there was anyone whom that was to be considered a subject matter expert on the topics of trucks, diesel engines, trailers, and long days of staring down the endless white lines of the highway it was Stuart “Bub” Wilson. Truck were Stuart’s life, there is a good change his blood coursed in his body with some diesel additive. Probably explains why he wasn’t to fast, but man he had some low end torque- his work ethic was unmatched and his passion was helping other truckers get back on the road.

Stuart was around  big trucks, diesel engines and equipment from the day he was born. Growing up in Washington he got his start working on small engines as a mechanic in a Volkswagen repair shop south of Olympia. After marring his wife Karen, he relocated to the oil fields of Verna, Utah hauling oil and dirt alongside his father, New opportunities arose for Stuart and his small family as he was offered a driving job in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana hauling milk for Dairy Express, Stuart was at home on the road, listening and singing along to the radio. Simple was the work, but it was work nonetheless for Stu- he prided himself in providing for his family.

Being the youngest of his family, Stuart always looked up to his older brothers. His brothers Karl and Jim started the truck parts giant, KC Truck Parts. KC’s influence in trucking community is massive and Stuart couldn’t have been more thrilled when his brother gave him the chance to work for them moving their salvaged trucks. Stu was in the world that he loved, moving trucks and getting to be a part of this brother’s legacy.

Following his brothers example and after  years of driving, he wanted to take a change and get into the Truck Parts industry.

Stuart was fortunate to find great friend and partner in Mike Munsee, where the two of them would begin the journey of starting their own salvage company in Ogden, Utah and Rocky Mountain Truck Parts was born. After a long tenure in Ogden, Stuart and his wife Karen relocated to Tremonton, Utah were together they started Wilson Truck Parts nearly 15 years ago.

Stuart played a critical role within the truck salvage industry, he loved to work moreover, and he loved to serve his family, his country and his friends. He will be greatly missed.

In Loving Remembrance
Stuart “Bub” Wilson
September 6, 1961 – May 28, 2019